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15 Mysterious Locations On Earth That Will Give You Chills

Mezhgorye, Russia

Located in the southern portion of the Ural Mountains, Mezhgorye is the nuclear missile site of Russia. It contains the country’s ballistic missiles. The missiles housed at Mezhgorye are capable of being launched automatically. The town is closed to everyone except for selected army personnel. To prevent people from entering the town and facility, several sensors were placed to keep people at bay. Talk about a scary place to be in.

Area 51

If you are an alien fanatic, then you know about Area 51. This infamous military facility is located in the Nevada desert and has a rich history of conspiracy and secrecy. This is where the famous Roswell incident took place. It was primarily used to test the flight of the Lockheed U-2 aircraft but then became the infamous site where the remains of the aliens that crashed in the Nevada Mountains were kept. Although the United States government has admitted the existence of Area 51, they did not admit the existence of aliens.

Pine Gap

Pine Gap is a facility located in the heart of Australia. It houses a large computer complex with 1,000 employees. The function of this facility is to locate radio signals from the Eastern Hemisphere and feed the information to the U.S. drone program. So, this is the southern version of the RAF Menwith Hill. It also served as a ground control station for many satellites. So, no you cannot go in this facility without the right security clearance.