29 Money Secrets And Life Hacks That Seniors Are Entitled To, But Often Forget To Claim

The world has changed a lot in the past couple years. Whether it’s soaring inflation increasing the cost of everything, or unpredictable global events, it’s time to take charge!  We all know about the “everyday” senior discounts at restaurants and movie theaters, but you would be surprised to learn that some of the biggest discounts and Special Programs are available just a couple clicks away online — and are easily available to help older adults cut expenses, boost their retirement, and put more money in your bank account.

Unfortunately, many Americans are missing out entirely on these opportunities — simply because they don’t know these programs exist.  In many cases, the “powers that be” are forced to offer these programs, so they do their best to “hide” them from the public.

We put together an amazing panel of senior experts that will walk us through some of the most important money secrets and “life hacks” you are likely missing out on.  Please note that many of these programs are slated to end as early as April 2022, so we encourage you to claim any benefits while they last!