array(0) { } 24 Super Awkward, Cringe-Worthy Vacation Photos

24 Super Awkward, Cringe-Worthy Vacation Photos

Are we holding it right?

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is the best place to start when talking about awkward vacation photos. While the tower is an architectural wonder, it is even more astounding to see many people holding up their hands hoping to get the right obligatory “pushing” shot. If you don’t really know anything about the Tower of Pisa, you would probably be wondering if these people are doing some choreographed dance routine or doing a relaxing exercise.

Baby’s afraid of Flipper

Kids are naturally curious about animals and the zoo. Well, not this little lady. While she must have loved reading about dolphins from the storybooks, she is not prepared to meet a live one up close and in person. Her parents thought that it would be cute if they can take a photo of her with Flipper but they got a very big surprise. What makes this photo awkward is that while the little girl is screaming out her lungs, the dolphin is smiling. Makes you wonder if the dolphin is happy to see the girl scared.

The most magical place on earth–Not!

Disneyland is the most magical place in the world and so many people – young and old – are so enthralled by the sights and sounds of this marvelous place. But this family seemed to think otherwise. Instead of donning smiles on their faces, they look uninterested, tired, sad, and bored. Probably the family forgot to get the FastPass so they have to endure long hours of waiting for all the rides. Let this photo remind everyone to get the VIP pass so that everyone will be happy. Well, better luck next time, guys.