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Brilliant Life Hacks That You Need To Try Right Now

In the hustle and bustle of our daily routines, there might be some things that are just downright annoying (and we’re not talking about family and friends sending memes all day long).  We’re talking about the daily tasks and routines that there are no shortcuts for, or problems that typically require an expensive fix or professional to solve.  That’s why we scoured the web to collect the best set of “life hacks” we could find.  What’s a life hack, you ask?

Life hacks are clever tips, techniques, or shortcuts that make little tasks easier. They may also be seen as creative and improvised solutions to common problems. These brilliant life hacks will help make your daily activities a little easier or even enhance some of the things you already own.  Many of these hacks use common items found around your house, some require an inexpensive gadget or gizmo.  Examples include binder clips, soda can tabs, tissue boxes, and even dryer sheets — simple things with amazing hidden purposes!