Beware The Murder Hornets

Just when the weather has broken, and we are allowed to venture further than just our front door, mother nature has become a major party pooper.  As if we have not suffered enough, now we have to deal with—wait for it—Murder Hornets!

Yep, you read the right, Murder Hornets.  What exactly, you are thinking, are Murder Hornets?

According to a recent story in The Times, these hornets can, in fact, murder you.  It seems that each year fifty people are killed these hornets each and every year in Japan.

Image: TheHill

All we can say is UGH!!

It seems that they are even more murderous on bees.  A beekeeper in Washington told The Times that he pulled up to his hives, only to witness the results of complete carnage.  The hornets seemed to have torn the bees heads off and proceeded to toss their little bodies aside.

It seems that it was a case of Murder Hornets doing what Murder Hornets do.

The real identity of these particular insects is that of the Asian giant hornet, but those who study them have taken to calling the Murder Hornets.  This is mainly because they are known to attack their victims with a massive amount of aggression.  They will then expose their victim to venom that can rival the most venomous snake—resulting in death

Image: Comic Book

The hornets have been known to grow to all of two inches long.  They have giant mandibles that resemble that of shark fins.  It is these mandibles that serve them in their decimation of a beehive in just a few hours.

It appears that this variety of hornets were first discovered last year in the state of Washington, and now are #1 on the scientist hit list.