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CBS All Access Offers 60 Day Trial

Numerous streaming services are taking this initiative of staying at home to make a better case for their streaming services. Plenty of them have been aiming to offer up far more content, as with Hulu debuting the latest foreign film sensation Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Netflix bringing out the classics with The Matrix Trilogy. And while CBS All Access hasn’t exactly offered anything all that new since the premiere of Picard, they are making their service more tantalizing by making it temporarily free for viewers.

CBS All Access is blowing up its trial from 7 days to 60 days. So if you were thinking about binging one particular show on this service for a while, now is the absolute perfect time to take advantage of the trial. They had previously made all the episodes of Picard, their latest series spin-off of the classic captain character from Star Trek: The Next Generation, free amid the pandemic. The trial will give you access to that show as well as everything else on the CBS service.

Image: Deseret News

Of course, the biggest draw of All Access is that it carries everything Star Trek. The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, and Discovery are all present. Even the cheaply made animated series from the 1970s is there as well if that’s your thing.

Also present is The Twilight Zone, the legendary anthology series of classic fables. You can not only find the 1959 original but also the modern remake hosted by Jordan Peele. It’s a rather faithful series in terms of weaving narratives reflective of the era with great sci-fi twists.

Other classics you can find on the service include classic TV series I Love Lucy, Magnum P.I. Mission: Impossible, Family Ties, Gunsmoke, Taxi, and Perry Mason. Cop shows of CSI and NCSI are all there, in there various spin-offs as well. And there are even some shows for kids including the modern remake of Danger Mouse as well as the high-quality action-adventure of The Legend of Korra.