25 Celebrities We Recently Lost

Death is the only thing that many people do not want to talk about — but it is a sad and sobering fact that the day we are born, our death is confirmed.  As “regular” people, being born and dying doesn’t have an impact on the world in the same way a celebrity death does.  We have our family and our close friends who love and care for us.  But when it’s a celebrity death, it usually ripples across the news headlines and magazine covers for days and weeks. And other times, some celebrity deaths are very quiet: you wouldn’t know they have left us.  Those are the most shocking of all.

From sports, to the Hollywood red carpets films, cameramen, director, producer — some of these celebrities have existed since our parents were children; others have come into existence in recent years.  Let us remind ourselves of each of these lost celebrities for their selfless contributions in their respective fields. They continue to be a daily source of inspiration.  And some of this celebrity names may truly surprise you.