Cinnamon—A Secret Weapon Against Inflammation

With cinnamon being warm, sweet, and just a tad bit fiery, one would almost liken it to the Taylor Swift of spices.  Add in that fact that it is versatile when it comes to combining with just about anything, and one can see how it is the go-to spice for just about anyone’s pantry.

Cinnamon can amp the flavor of anything it is combined with as well as increasing nutrient density.  Whether you choose to take advantage of the spice by cooking with it or adding it to a favorite drink, you can go wrong.

In a nutshell, when it comes to cinnamon, there are only pros, and little if any, cons.

Metabolism Boost

In a study published in Metabolism, the regular daily consumption of cinnamon can help to improve your metabolism, which in turn can help to support healthy weight management. 

The study data showed that the compound in cinnamon, known as cinnamaldehyde, can trigger our fat cells to burn the energy that would typically be stored.

Image: NPR

Inflammation Reduction

With the natural components called phytonutrients, which are present in anti-inflammatory foods such as cinnamon, the properties may very well aid in keeping chronic inflammation in check. 

In relationship to our overall heart health, inflammation has been seen as producing more plague, which in turn can form more blood clots, which then will create more heart attacks and strokes.

Protection From Free Radicals

The fact that cinnamon contains both anti-inflammatories, as well as antioxidant properties, is why it is included in the class of superfoods. 

These superfoods are what protect us from the free radicals that can cause damage to various parts of our cells, including the protein, DNA, and membranes as well.  When this damage is created, it can lead to both chronic diseases and premature aging.

Image: Vita Talalay

Steadying Of Blood Sugar Levels

Contrary to the fact that cinnamon often tastes sweet, it does not spike blood sugar levels—it aids in keeping those levels steady.  This means that if you consume cinnamon, you will not see it messing with your energy levels or your mood.