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Gloves Are Not The Best Choice When Grocery Shopping

With the current state of affairs in the country, and around the world, one activity that we all took for granted takes on a whole other meaning than before—that of grocery shopping. 

We are all making every effort we can to stay safe from contracting COVID-19, and as a result, many are taking to wearing gloves when they shop—rubber gloves, dishwashing gloved, even your run of the mill winter gloves.

However, what many don’t realize is that according to experts, the act of donning gloves when grocery shopping is not recommended. 

They also remind that the act of grocery shopping is not quite as risky as some parts of the internet want to lead the public to believe.  To this extent, the wearing of gloves could be leading to more harm than intended good.

Image: Cardinal Health

Gloves Are Like Hands

When it comes to the spreading of viruses, gloves are viewed as worse than our hands.  As of yet, there has been no indication that COVID-19 enters the body through our hands. 

However, if you touch a surface already contaminated by the virus, with gloves on, and then proceed to touch something else, you will continue to spread the virus just as if you had touched it with your bare, ungloved hands.

False Sense Of Security

When wearing gloves, it is easier to let your guard down when it comes to suggested hand washing. 

There is also the reality that when you wear them when running errands, you are more likely to spread the virus from one location to the other.

Proper Glove Removal

If you fail to remove your gloves properly, you are just defeating their purpose, resulting in getting any contaminants on the glove all over not only yourself but everything else. 

The proper manner in which to remove your gloves is to pinch one glove, near the wrist, and proceed to pull it over your hand, in a fashion that it ends up inside out.  Placing that glove into a ball in the palm of the other gloved hand, grip the wrist of the gloved hand and proceed to pull it downward, over the balled-up glove, again inside out.