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Harry Potter at Home

With us all being stuck inside, it can be easy to get bored. This goes double for kids who often find themselves struggling to find something fun to do, especially if they’re stuck inside all day. Thankfully, Harry Potter author JK Rowling has just the cure for the shut-in blues.

Rowling has unleashed Harry Potter at Home, an engaging hub for all things Harry Potter. The website offers quite a bit for both students and teachers. For students, they can learn to draw their favorite characters, take quizzes on the books or play various games. For teachers, the copyright on the novels has been relaxed so they can read Harry Potter aloud virtually to their students for distance learning. This will be aloud until the end of the school year.

The website features content suitable enough for early readers just getting into the fantasy franchise to those who have become astute readers of the novels. The site also offers updates on everything free with Harry Potter right now, including the first audiobook offered up for free on Audible. Furthermore, the site seems to have more plans for the future in making Harry Potter more open for educational purposes.

So if you’re big into Harry Potter or have a little one that can’t get enough of the Wizarding World, head over to