array(0) { } Meet These 24 Super-sized Dogs Who Think They Are Tiny Puppies!

Meet These 24 Super-sized Dogs Who Think They Are Tiny Puppies!

While tiny toy dogs are undeniably cute, there are also super-sized dogs that think they are tiny!  Their outrageously, massively cute antics make them look funny and awkward at the same time.  So if you think that only small dogs can look cute, then this list is for you!  Here are 24 massive dogs that want to remain puppies forever, and some of the hilarious and awkward situations they get themselves into.  If you don’t think these photos are cute, then we don’t know what will!

St. Bernard thinks he’s a lap dog

Tiny dogs love to sit on their humans’ laps but so do big dogs. This picture shows a St. Bernard thinking that he is a lap dog. At first glance, you would think that there is one person in this picture until you see a girl’s head on the right. Moreover, the girl on the left might look amused with the dog resting its head on her shoulder but since it is a very heavy dog, we doubt if she’ll enjoy the experience for that long. But then again, let’s give a hand to these ladies for tolerating this cute St. Bernard giant.

The best alarm clock ever

The best alarm clock ever is to wake up with your dog snuggling on you. But what if you have a super-sized dog that wants to wake you up every morning? It may be cute the first day but you will get weary eventually. Just look at the face of this human being awakened by her big dog. The dog does not seem to mind though and was probably thinking that its human is like a soft pillow.