Inconsiderate and Ill-mannered: These Are the 20 Rudest States in America

Do you ever have the feeling that folks are simply plain to mean? Despite your upbeat demeanor and warm smiles, you’re only received with hatred and a frown from those around you? It might not be on you, though. Your state may be impolite.

Depending on where you live, you may be dealing with many inconsiderate people, whether you’re the only one who holds the door open for strangers or because you are constantly pushed over in crowds.

You know it isn’t very good when you don’t blink an eye at your neighbor yelling at store personnel or driving through stop signs. In late 2020, the lifestyle magazine Best Life published a list of all 50 states, ranked from kindest to rudest.

It examined data from various studies, such as those on the rudest towns and drivers, unfriendliness, and rudeness among customer service representatives. We also looked at discussion boards such as Quora and Reddit to see what individuals had to say about each state.

Some of the comments on these sites have been altered to make them more transparent. So, instead of counting Karens at the grocery store, see if your state ranks among the rudest in America. &