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Klondike Introduces 3 Flavors of Donut Ice Cream Bars

Klondike Bars are squares of ice cream that are covered in a thin layer a chocolate.  they are usually wrapped in silver with the brand name and blue and a white polar bear on it as well. The original Klondike bar was Vanilla Ice Cream and has been around since the 1920s in the United States and Canada.

 In addition to ice cream,  Donuts are another beloved dessert treat which is usually more popular as a breakfast option.  Donuts can be almost unlimited flavors and varieties, but the different glazes and toppings ranging from sprinkles,  two bits of cookies, to decorations. 

 Now,  donuts and ice cream are collaborating in the freezer section of a grocery store near you.  Klondike recently announced a new frozen dairy dessert that combines the ice cream and chocolate of a Klondike bar with the flavor varieties and shape of a donut.


That’s right.  instead of the regular Square ice cream bar,  now Klondike bars will have a hole in the center exactly like a donut.  these new Klondike bars will continue to be covered in chocolate, although the flavors inside will vary.

 These Klondike Donuts will soon be available in flavors like Boston cream,  triple chocolate, and frosted strawberry. The triple chocolate flavor will be a chocolate frozen dairy dessert with a dark chocolate coating and inside will have dark crunchy pieces.  there will also be a milk chocolate drizzle on top. 

 The Klondike donut frosted strawberry flavor is a strawberry frozen dairy dessert with a strawberry swirl inside.  on top of the milk chocolate is a white sugar you drizzle with a mix of colorful rainbow sprinkles.


 And finally the Klondike Donuts Boston cream flavor is a Boston cream flavored frozen dairy dessert with a Boston cream swirl ice cream inside.  The top is coated in milk chocolate with a white sugary drizzle across it.

 All of these new flavors will be available in the regular six-pack boxes in the freezer section of all grocery stores and major retailers across the United States. A retail price has not been revealed although there are expected to be priced the same as other Klondike Bar flavors.