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Krispy Kreme Unveils Limited Edition Spring Donuts

Spring is here! At least springtime for donuts has arrived. Popular donut chain Krispy Kreme recently unveiled its new line of limited edition donuts for the spring season. Each year, Krispy Kreme is known for creating new and fun decorative donuts for various seasons and holidays, and it seems that 2020 is no exception.

The new spring flavors are Spring Chick Mini Doughnut, Bunny Bum Mini Doughnut, and Flower Mini Doughnut. These garden-inspired glazed miniature donuts will make your plate look colorful and ready for spring.

The flower mini doughnut is a mini original glazed donut, dipped in strawberry icing, topped with purple sugar, and hand-decorated to look like a flower. The spring chick mini doughnut is mini original glazed donut, dipped in yellow icing, and topped with orange and chocolate icing to look like a spring chick, with a beak, eyes and little legs.

The bunny bum mini doughnut is a mini original glazed donut, dipped in green icing, topped with green sprinkles, and finished with a dollop and original kreme and two bunny feet sugar pieces with hints of pink icing.


All of these mini donuts will be available for a limited time at all participating Krispy Kreme locations starting on March 31st. All of the mini donuts come in a box of sixteen donuts, including the three spring-inspired flavors as well as some chocolate icing with sprinkles donuts and original glazed donuts too.

Krispy Kreme is even allowing online ordering of these donuts through their website as well as their mobile application, available for Android and iOS. Simply go to the website or app and you can have these Krispy Kreme donuts delivered right to your doorstep.

The company has not explained just how long these new spring donuts will be around for, but they should be available at all participating locations through the Easter holiday and the month of April.