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Movie Theaters May Be A Thing Of The Past

At this point in time, due to the COVID-19 crisis, there is no indication as to when movie theaters worldwide will be opening back up.  But, it is speculated if, and when they do, things are expected not to be completely back to normal.

 A recent survey indicates that even when movie theaters open back up, moviegoers will still be avoiding public gatherings of any type.  This means that movie theaters will be the industry that will prove to be hit the hardest.

What this whole situation boils down to is that, with the many changes already taking place in the theater industry unfolding, the cinema landscape as we have known it could be forever altered.  This may sound a tad bit overly dramatic but is more than a distinct possibility.

According to a survey, 47% of those questioned answered that when it comes to the possibility of attending a major public event, they would be ‘scared for a long time.’  Even more eyeopening is that 49% indicated it would take months for them to return, or they may possibly never choose to return.

These numbers should be very concerning to Hollywood and should prove to awaken them to just how the COVID-19 situation is trickling down to affect them as well. 

Image: Las Vegas Review Journal

With the current shutdowns, almost all movie theaters are struggling to keep their head above water.  If they do not see a return of moviegoers when the closure is lifted, the outlook is looking pretty dismal.

Hollywood, in order the recoup as much of their financial losses as possible, has taken to releasing what would have been theatrical release onto premium rental sights of offered to purchase. 

This has seen outstanding results, and as such, it may have cinema executives rethinking the overall movie theater industry altogether.

If this is the route that Hollywood decides to take, it will change how we view future blockbusters from here on out.