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Never Have A Sock Go Missing Again

Ever since humans have worn socks, there has undoubtedly been a case of one missing.  More than most have at one time become both fed up and exasperated with the fact that no matter how hard the attempt, at least one sock comes up missing on laundry day.

When taking to Google, in an attempt to solve the mystery of just where those lost socks go, one would be surprised at the information available.  Numerous entries appear, some serious and some quite humorous, but all seem logical in their theories of how a pair of socks is quickly reduced down to one lone member.

Image: Parade

When reading all the theories, the authors seem to have pretty reasonable explanations as to the phenomena.  Such suggestions as maybe one sock never made it from the laundry hamper to the washing machine. Perhaps the sock fell between the washing machine and the wall, or the washing machine and the dryer (note: I did find two socks one day between the washing machine and the dryer). And then the one theory that gave me a chuckle is that the dryer actually devoured one of the missing socks, and left its mate behind not only to tell the tale, but to warn all other socks.

Whichever theory one wants to choose to believe, there is one hack that can assure you that your days of losing one sock out of a pair are pretty much over.  And amazingly, the hack involves one small item, that is in every household, and you need to look further than your sewing kit—simply put a safety pin.

Image: Proven Life Hacks

Just safety pin your socks to one another when you take them off, before tossing them into the laundry hamper.  This will prevent them from ever getting separated, and leaving you with one lone sock to deal with.  With the safety pin in place, the pair will stay together, and being that pin is composed of stainless steel it should never rust.

So, there you have it—the perfect way to make sure that your socks stay together, and you will never again have to lie awake at night pondering on where socks go when they disappear.