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Rocket’s Backstory To Play A Major Role In Guardians Of The Galaxy 3

Okay, I admit it.  What drew me to the Guardians of the Galaxy movies was the character of Rocket Raccoon.  I mean, he is so lovably snarky who could resist the little thief?  For me, he was the shining star in both GOTG 1 and 2. 

That is why when I saw that director and creator of the GOTG films, James Gunn, had revealed a few details, and those details included Rocket—let’s just say my inner geek majorly squeed!! 

Image: CinemaBlend

After a Twitter user asked Gunn if there was a chance that Rocket’s back origin will be explored in the third installment of the franchise, Gunn answered:

“I’ll just say Rocket is a big part of what’s happening in the future—and a lot of this stuff (like the scares we’re about to see on his back) sets up what I’ve been planning for Rocket all along.”

Rocket Raccoon fans everywhere are sure to be jumping for joy at this latest news.  But that is not all that was dished up on the details plate by Gunn. 

He stated that he had always planned that Rocket’s loneliness is not limited to just his character, but is central to the franchise as a whole.

“Part of the cybernetics apparently painfully placed in his body.  One of my favorite moments in the movie.  Rocket’s loneliness and disaffection is at the center of the franchise for me.”

Image: SlashFilm

For Rocket’s fans, it will be a gift to see what it is that makes the snarky raccoon tick.  There are those fans that feel that, of all the characters in the GOTG franchise, Rocket is the most complex of them all. 

That is another reason why it is so thrilling to know that we will get so see his backstory sooner, rather than later.

As for when we might actually see his origin played out on the big screen, that is still somewhat up in the air for the time being. 

The third installment of GOTG will not even begin production until Gunn finishes his current Suicide Squad.  That film is not set to hit the theaters until August 6th, 2021.