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Incredible Secrets the “Witness Protection Program” Prefers You Not Know

The Witness Protection Program is one of the most intriguing departments in the U.S. government. Even though its operations and actions are kept completely secret from average citizens, all of that secrecy only means we’re increasingly interested in what happens when witnesses to crimes enter the Witness Protection Program.

Shrouded in mystery, the Witness Protection Program — or, as it’s officially known, the Witness Security Program (WITSEC) — was created by the Justice Department in 1971. The program’s sole purpose is to help people who testify as witnesses for the federal government stay safe. Testifying for the government often means you become a big target for murder. But, thanks to the Witness Protection Program, you can instead create an entirely new life and live out the rest of your life under a new identity.

Although the secrets of the Witness Protection Program are well-hidden, some of the program’s most surprising, shocking details have leaked out in recent years. And if you’re looking to learn what happens to those who give up their lives for Witness Protection, here are a few incredible facts that will shock you.