Taco Bells Adds Vegetarian Options Mode to Ordering Kiosks

Taco Bell is one of the most recognized fast-food chains in America, and has long been a to-go option for quick Tex-Mex food from quesadillas to crunch wrap supremes. Taco Bell has also been rated one of the most healthy fast food options out of all the fast-food restaurants available and is “the only American Vegetarian Association-certified” fast-food chain. They have revamped their whole menu to include less sodium, and have many vegetarian options.

Like a lot of fast-food restaurants, Taco Bell has jumped into kiosk ordering at many of its locations, so people can pick and choose what they want to eat with a few taps of a tablet screen. This also means customers can filter the menu so they only see vegetarian options. The ntire menu can be filtered down to only vegetarian choices, which can be ordered in over 20 million different combinations. It’s called “Veggie Mode.”

Source: foodbusinessnews.net

“We’ve been doing vegetarian for a long time, but that is not enough for us. People should be given more options than one plant-based choice,” Missy Schaaphok, Taco Bell’s global nutrition and sustainability manager, said in the announcement. “At Taco Bell, celebrating vegetarian is more than just a trend; it is something we do every day of the week. With Veggie Mode, we are proud to make it even easier to order plant-based options that vegetarians and non-vegetarians can agree are delicious.”

The “Veggie Mode” has been available at Taco Bell locations since mid-March and on all kiosks. However, it’s still possible to eat vegetarian at Taco Bell without the “Veggie Mode” option, you just need to know how to order it. According to their website, “Our menu items can still be modified to be vegetarian online at Ta.co or through the Taco Bell mobile app with our ‘Make it Vegetarian’ button.” 

Source: finance.yahoo.com