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These Are the Wildest “Secret Menu” Items People Have Actually Ordered

A restaurant’s menu is supposed to tell you all of the tasty creations available to order. But plenty of restaurants, from fast food chains to popular coffee shops, are keeping a secret from their customers. They can make all kinds of dishes or drinks — and they often don’t put some of the very best on their menus.

Secret menus took the world and the internet by storm just a few years ago. From In-N-Out to Starbucks to Jamba Juice, foodie fans discovered that making a few tweaks to a menu item or using secret “code words” when ordering meant it was possible to try out entirely new options. As secret menus became more and more popular, it turned out that nearly every restaurant has at least one off-menu item that’s either a closely guarded secret or a hidden gem beloved by frequent customers.

But secret menu items can also get a little… crazy. Take the Starbucks’s secret menu craze, for example. Customers were coming up with insane drink recipes that baristas had never even heard of! And that inspired a whole host of unusual, over-the-top, and even kind of gross “secret menu” creations. 

Check out some of the weird and wild secret menu items that actually do exist — and that customers have ordered — right here.

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