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These Disgusting Facts Will Make You Avoid Buffets

Buffets are popular for good reason. What other kind of restaurant offers unlimited servings and an array of nearly every food you could ever want? From sushi to stacks of desserts and steaks to seafood, buffets tend to have absolutely everything. And diners are free to eat until they’re literally too stuffed to move, which gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

But here’s the thing about buffets. They seem great at first glance. And the food is certainly delicious. Yet underneath the surface, buffets can be dangerous, dirty, and downright disgusting. 

Buffets are nothing like traditional restaurants. There are lines of people, trays and trays of food sitting out, and a “help yourself” approach that puts diners in charge of their servings and plates. And that freedom leads to plenty of gross and grimy situations. Even though a buffet might seem clean and fresh, here are the disgusting facts happening behind the scenes — or right on your plate — at every buffet.

InterContinental Hong Kong / Flickr