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This Unexpected Animal Friendship is Too Adorable for Words

Who doesn’t love watching animals play, whether it’s at the zoo, via a live video feed, or simply in your backyard? Animals are absolutely adorable – and they’re even cuter when they form friendships with one another. There’s nothing sweeter than seeing two animals of different species forging a bond, playing together, or being kind to one another.

And in the case of one small baby elephant, an unlikely friendship with an unexpected animal proved to be incredibly lucky. Born an orphan with no parents to fend for him or care for him, this young elephant was struggling. And the prospect of facing life on his own, at risk for so many dangers, wasn’t good. A heartwarming turn of events that no one could have expected wound up potentially saving that elephant and his future.

If you want to learn about a remarkable friendship forged between two very different animals, check out this story of a baby elephant that lived in South Africa.

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