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Walking Deads Michonne Poised To Return For Own Limited Series

When Danai Gurira ended her run on the cult favorite The Walking Dead, her character Michonne was not killed off, as most characters fates seem to dictate. 

Now, having left the show after appearing in seven of the ten seasons, it seems she may be poised to return.

It is not that Gurira hasn’t had a certain amount of success since leaving The Walking Dead, as she did star in Marvel’s Black Panther as well as two of the Avengers films in the same franchise.  And, she wrote a Broadway play—Eclipsed—which garnered her a Tony Award nomination.

However, when Gurira chose to leave the series, she did so without her character meeting an untimely demise, which in turn helped her keep her foot in the door for a possible return. 

Image: TV Guide

It was pretty much assumed that somewhere down the line, she would most likely appear in the upcoming Rick Grimes centric films.

Now that there is a whole Walking Dead Universe, including The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, and the aforementioned Rick Grimes films, when a character is written off one show, without dying, the door is then opened to appear on one of the sister shows.

It has been reported that the character of Michonne will indeed be getting her own spinoff series, although a limited-run one.  Her addition to the franchise would be the second limited-run series so far, with World Beyond coming in at only 20 episodes.

Image: Hollywood Reporter

It seems that Michonne’s final episode is being used a jumping-off point for her own series, which in essence is being touted as a bridge between her exit from The Walking Dead and entrance to the Rick Grime films.

Either way, fans of Gurira and her character Michonne will have something to look forward to down the road, as reports indicate that it will be 2022 at the earliest before we see her return.