Walmart Releases New Ice Cream Flavors For the Season

The change in the length of the days and the warmer days can only mean one thing—spring has finally announced its arrival.  As such, those sunny days will call for a little bit of cooling off, and how better to do that than to eat some ice cream?  Sounds like a plan to me!

Walmart got the jump on the season, as they have released some all-new, yummy flavors of their massively popular Great Value ice cream.  One of the new flavors is even stuffed with—wait for it—animal crackers!

Our ice cream flavor preferences are as individual as we are, and whether you prefer something in the range of super sweet or go for a more extra fruity flavor, Walmart has you pretty much covered. 

Their two newest additions to their line they offer is that of Circus Cookie and Peach Crisp.  Although both flavors give the feel of being on the more traditional side, both have the base of a sweet cream ice cream.

Image: PopSugar

The Circus Cookie flavor then takes it to the next step with the addition of everyone’s favorite animal crackers as well as pink icing.  On the other hand, the Peach Crisp features peaches coupled with pieces of backed crisp crumbles. 

Are you looking for something a little sweet and fruity?  Why not try their offering inspired by strawberry shortcake, with a sweet cream base in addition to strawberry swirls and pieces of baked shortcake to top off the yumminess.

Finally, we can’t leave out a new sherbet flavor that is more creative in that it has the fruit flavors of a favorite drink come into major play.  A new fat-free sherbert, consisting of lemon-lime flavors, is their Margarita.

  They claim you add a dash of salt to it, and you will be able to enjoy all the goodness of your favorite summertime inspired drink.