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You’d Never Guess These Twin Sisters Were Related – Here’s Their Story

When you think about twin siblings, you probably immediately imagine two identical kids who share all of the same physical features, right down to the color of their eyes. While identical twins are the most intriguing kind of siblings, not all twins look like one another. In fact, some twins can be downright opposites. They might not even be the same gender!

And that’s what happened to Lucy and Maria Aylmer, two twin girls. While they’re 100 percent certain they’re twin sisters, they surprised both their parents and the rest of the world when they were born. Though they share the same gender and some physical features, Lucy and Maria don’t look like they’re related. Instead, they look like they have two totally different sets of parents. They’re so different from one another they have to convince people they’re sisters… and it’s hard to believe they’re actually twins.

Here’s the story of Lucy and Maria Aylmer, two adorable twin sisters who will make you rethink everything you know about twins.